KCDO Supports Students with Scholarship Funds

KCDO, in partnership with US-Africa Children’s Fellowship, and Wonderland BookSavers, has enabled children to continue their education in 2022.

Water Harvesting Barrels Distributed by KCDO

Willy, KCDO Director reports, “Christian greetings! Am happy to inform you today we are making market survey for water tanks and water drums from hardware shops in the city. This will enable us to get the quotations and compare prices such that by the time we have funds we procure and pay off.  It’s so rainy currently and is a good time for water harvesting.” (Rainy season)

“We have been able to identify the water harvesting facilities supplier. We have selected also the households to be supported but those with old caretakers who have 70+years and with more than 3 children in the household.”

 “The water harvesting procured for 20 households. Each can store 450 litres of water.”

Procurement of these water barrels was accomplished in partnership with Wonderland BookSavers and USA Interns.

The importance of this accomplishment can be seen in the attending officials who presided at the distribution of the water barrels.

Willy stated, “Children and caretakers receiving water harvesting facilities and the function was officiated by Assistant Health Officer, District Water Officer and Assistant District Governor”

Growing Food for Vulnerable Children

In February 2021, KCDO appealed to WBS about the need to procure a plot of land which was adjacent to the piggery project that was on sale. KCDO currently has 35 children on ART (ARVs) under our care at the centre. The main challenge was lack of food and malnutrition challenge that cause non suppression and timely sickness.

Through A miracle, we sold some pigs to raise local contribution and Wonderland BookSavers contributed a bigger percentage to raise the 70% first installment that was needed. We paid off and we immediately set nursery bed for cabbage, maize, and soya peas with active involvement of children themselves, Director and the mother who cares for the children.

Water was a challenge and we had strong rosary in which we eventually received rainfall. We transferred the seedling from nursery bed to garden as photos indicate. We used the pigs’ dung to fertilize the garden and we expect the following.


  • If all goes well, the garden will yield:-
  • 6bags of maize each with 100kgs valued at $85.
  • 2000 cabbages from the harvest costed at $285.
  • 10 baskets of carrots with a value of $57.
  • 10 bags of Green paper with value of $171
  • 300kgs of soya peas   $153.

Once the harvest period is ready in July, the following challenges will be overcome.

  • The cost of buying food will be reduced by 85%.
  • The nutrition of vulnerable children will be boasted and their health immunity improved.
  • The children and Kcdo benefiacries will acquire modern skills of farming which can be passed over to other households.
  • The garden serves as adomostration site for the community and this can be replicated to other surrounding villages.


The need to have KCDO spray pump and enough fertilizers through adding on number of pigs and a cow project for cow dung supply and milk supply too.

Another Graduation!

Following the phase out of Rakai Health Sciences Program funding to KCDO, the funding ended in September 2020. However because of covid-19 pandemic, the graduation could not take place.

Using the scientific new normal, we decided to have graduation of children who completed the courses in three phases and today Wednesday, we have had second day of graduation; tool kits have been given out and certificates, as seen in the photos.

This year 2021 there will be no more support to the vulnerable children because of no more funding for such.

We are very proud of our graduates, and know that they will go forward making a positive difference in our community. We pray that more graduates will be able to follow in their footsteps in the future. KCDO will need new funding for future students. We strongly believe God will do above all we think and ask. We have prayed for it on this Ash Wednesday.

Apprenticeship Graduation

We are very proud to announce that our Ndagwe sub-county apprenticeship students who have participated in our KCDO programs have graduated and are ready to begin their skilled careers. They have been trained in motorcycle mechanics, hair dressing, tailoring and knitting. They have been trained for one year under local artisans in their home area. They have been examined and certified by the government of Uganda and awarded with certificates and tools to start their own business. In addition to receiving individual tools, they have also received toolkits as as group to encourage working together. Individuals are grouped into small groups. Each group of 5-10 people has received a startup fund of $90 for renting a house where they can start and set-up their joint businesses. This success story was made possible with the help of Rakai Health Sciences Program, Lwengo District local government and KCDO. We are most grateful to our partners. Through their generous support, these young people are enabled to achieve financial independence. As a group, they will strengthen our local economy.

2020: Year in Review in Photos

Household in Nakateete Village receiving mosquito nets donated by Peace Corps Uganda
Kinoni Town Council Community Development (CDC) officer meeting Child Protection Club at Kinoni Integrated Secondary School
KCDO supporting households in Kinoni T/C, Kisekka S/C and Ndagwe S/C with kitchen gardening supplies
KCDO staff and social worker Mr. Muyanja Sam distributing farm implements
KCDO field officer Mr. Wadidi Jackson attending to Village Savings and Loan Association )VSLA) group in Kikenene Parish, Kisekka sub-county
Peace Corps volunteer from USA, Iman Morgan, teaching women’s group on the making of liquid soap
Tool kits given to apprentices who successfully completed their courses
Graduation ceremony of apprentices successfully completing their coursework
OVC receiving scholastic materials packages through KCDO educational support program
Household that received IGA from KCDO, progressing well
Some of the OVC children receiving clothes donated by USACF and Wonderland BookSavers (USA), Kisekka sub-county
Some OVC and trainers participating in start-up business skills training, organized by KCDO and Peace Corps volunteer Iman Morgan
Hand washing material donated by Giz to KCDO to support Covid-19 hand washing, Director Bukenya Willy and Father Vincent receiving items
In response to Covid-19, KCDO, with support from Giz, conducted radio talk shows for sensitization on risks and preventative measures of Covid-19
KCDO staff, Mr. Lubambula Max and social worker conduct home visits
Community members receive IGSa and booster grants from KCDO
Agricultural officer demonstrating kitchen gardening techniques
KCDO staff, Mr. Ndaula Jude distributing food to community members during Covid-19 lockdown
KCDO Chairman of the Board, Reverend father Vincent Kateregga with KCDO staff and volunteers
KCDO Board and staff members reviewing KCDO financial policy
Apprentices learning trades
OVC supported with sports equipment and trained in soccer
KCDO piggery project
KCDO Library enhances research capabilities within the community
School teachers and students in ICT training
OVC receive solar water purifiers from KCDO
KCDO staff participating in weekly staff meeting
OVC and caregivers participating in Positive Parenting session
KCDO distributes Covid-19 protection face shields to essential workers and field staff