Another Graduation!

Following the phase out of Rakai Health Sciences Program funding to KCDO, the funding ended in September 2020. However because of covid-19 pandemic, the graduation could not take place.

Using the scientific new normal, we decided to have graduation of children who completed the courses in three phases and today Wednesday, we have had second day of graduation; tool kits have been given out and certificates, as seen in the photos.

This year 2021 there will be no more support to the vulnerable children because of no more funding for such.

We are very proud of our graduates, and know that they will go forward making a positive difference in our community. We pray that more graduates will be able to follow in their footsteps in the future. KCDO will need new funding for future students. We strongly believe God will do above all we think and ask. We have prayed for it on this Ash Wednesday.

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