Apprenticeship Graduation

We are very proud to announce that our Ndagwe sub-county apprenticeship students who have participated in our KCDO programs have graduated and are ready to begin their skilled careers. They have been trained in motorcycle mechanics, hair dressing, tailoring and knitting. They have been trained for one year under local artisans in their home area. They have been examined and certified by the government of Uganda and awarded with certificates and tools to start their own business. In addition to receiving individual tools, they have also received toolkits as as group to encourage working together. Individuals are grouped into small groups. Each group of 5-10 people has received a startup fund of $90 for renting a house where they can start and set-up their joint businesses. This success story was made possible with the help of Rakai Health Sciences Program, Lwengo District local government and KCDO. We are most grateful to our partners. Through their generous support, these young people are enabled to achieve financial independence. As a group, they will strengthen our local economy.

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