Solar Bag Water Purifiers Distributed

KCDO received a donation of 100 Solar Bag water purifiers through a partnership with Solarbag®, our KCDO-USA Board and Wonderland BookSavers. We are so grateful to be able to share these Solarbags® with our community families, for whom clean water is an essential ingredient for both health and dignity.

Solarbag® is an award winning light weight water container that uses proprietary nanomesh which renders bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, arsenic, lead, mercury and protozoa harmless — without using chemicals– through a process called photocatalysis that’s powered by the sun.”

We spent considerable energy retrieving our donations from Customs, and so we were all very happy and relieved when we finally got our delivery safely to the KCDO offices.

Our first step was to run a training program for our field officers so that they would understand how to best utilize and preserve these Solarbags®.

Our field officers went out to our community. They trained families in the use and care of the Solarbags®. The families are extremely grateful to be able to create their own safe drinking water.

As at the end of the exercise all benefited household thanked KCDO and their partners for the good services rendered to them and community of Lwengo at large

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