Nantajja’s Successful Apprenticeship Graduation

Caption: Nantajja (on the gown) receiving  toolkit from Hon. Mbabali, as Mr.Monday Philip the OVC manager looks on, this was at the Apprenticeship graduation and giving away of toolkits at KCDO offices in qtr Oct-Dec,2019.


Nantajja Ausi is 18 years old, lives with his elderly grand mom aged 90 in Sseke village, Busubi parish in Kisakka Sub county, lwengo district.

He is an orphan, the father died when he was at the age of 12, left him under the care of elderly caregiver who was in a complete despair, without any standby source of income, at his early childhood, he faced a lot of challenges, having access to two meals a day was a golden festival, cassava and plane porridge was a complete meal all days and nights, putting on a “shoe” not even mere “Nigiina” was never dreamt of in his life ,whenever he felt sick the old woman could go and harvest local herbs from the bush, luckily he could get cured “Nantajja narrated”.

In January-March quarter-2019, KCDO received a referral from CDO Kinoni town council reflecting economic strengthening as one of the weakest areas to be assisted in, KCDO social worker made arrangements and planned household assessments, conducted assessment on this household and scored 72% being moderately vulnerable and was eligible for OVC program, the OVC was enrolled on the program and on a proud note he was enrolled on apprenticeship to study welding in one of the welding workshops in Kinoni Town council. Nantajja loved the course which enabled him to complete the training and received the toolkit.


During apprenticeship follow-up and motoring, our social worker got a chance to interact with him about the progress and success so far registered since he received the toolkit .In his response, he notified as “I Nantajja after having graduated and received the toolkit, because I was disciplined and committed to my work which made me attain welding skills, my trainer master Mugabi Ronald called me back and employed me, meanwhile as I look for financial strengths to withstand my welding workshop. Indeed I don’t regret in life, I feel my brain is now washed, my job is now my shield because i even support the old woman (grand mom) who is in a disadvantaged state, no longer productive, Indeed most times i feel like dreaming when I also carry a kilo of meat and sugar to my grandmom,am so thankful beyond words”.

Additionally he revealed to our staff that out of  70,000shillings he earns on a weekly basis, he has so far bought a machine grinder at 350,000/=,Welding cable ,Handsaw and welding oil in preparation to establishing his own welding workshop by February,2021.

KCDO staff  interrogates Nantijja at his work place. 


In his words he quoted that “I can’t thank KCDO and Rakai Project enough, but I appreciate for the generous parental hearts showed to me to ensure that at least I also enjoy this happy life through giving this golden opportunity of facilitating me throughout my training process and start-up kit, I request you to pass on my appreciations to them and I ask God to give them whatever their hearts desire and continue serving humanity”.  

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