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By Wakimwere Arnold


Fig. 1 showing IT person KCDO staff directing the participant while in the training.

 KCDO has worked in collaboration with the schools with the major aim of improving the education of children in the sub counties of Kisekka and Ndagwe and Lwengo district at large through distributing learning materials to the children, providing the children with scholastics materials and fees through our different partners to the vulnerable ones.

Training objectives

  • To train the computer teachers and students on how to install the Pi device and how to go about it on the way how it works.
  • To agree upon the dates on which the installation is to be done
  • To discus on the content of information uploaded to the device whether it fits the standard for Ugandan learners.


This project targeted 3 schools.

Training program

  1. Arrival & registration
  2. Prayer and Self introductions
  3. Overview of how to connect the Pi device and how it works
  4. Reactions
  5. Closing remarks and departure

Arrival & registration

All the participants registered upon their arrival

Prayer and Participants’ introductions

The prayer was led by one of the teacher from Kyanukuzi Secondary School who asked the Almighty Father to lead us through the training and whatever being discussed be understood. All members introduced themselves, mentioning their titles and the school they came from, this was ideal in that each participant came to know each other.

Overview of how to connect the Pi device and how it works

KCDO director Mr. Bukenya George Willy,

  • Officially  appreciated the participants for coming in the training, He described the Pi device as it’s to be used in e-learning where the learners will be able to exploit resources uploaded on the devices for their research purposes, the device have got different topics of different subjects and can be accessible within the range of 20 – 100m
  • He a emphasized that head teachers of those particular schools to which these devices are to be distributed to take good care of the Pi devices once given to them and said whoever damages it will be reliable to paying a fine equivalent to the price of the device.
  • He added that these Pi devices are to be given free of charge to the selected schools but appealed to the responsible parties to take maximum care.
  • He  requested them to find a possible ways of protecting the device either by placing the device in a box and placing it in a well ventilated place for easy distribution of signals for the smooth accessibility.
  • He later invited KCDO IT technical person to take the participants in the next session on how to connect and install the Pi device.

Fig. 2

A photo above shows KCDO IT technical person during the training session.

Session conducted by the IT technical person included the following below when directing the participants.

Procedures from KCDO ICT officer.

Turn on the Raspberry Pi. if it’s on, you will see a light flashing green and red.

Phone or tablet connection

  • Enter the settings app on your phone or tablet.
  • Search “cellular data”
  • Click on “cellular data”
  • Turn off “cellular data”
  • Remain in the settings app, and click on “Wifi”
  • Once “wifi” is on, select Your Digital Library Uganda 1 or Your Digital library Uganda 2 from the options listed. It may take a few moments for these options to apper.
  • Open a browser, such as chrome, and search “”
  • Enjoy learning!

PC connection

  • Open settings
  • Enter “wifi” or “Network” settings
  • Select Your Digital Library Uganda 1 or Your Digital Library Uganda 2 from the option listed. It may take a few moments for these options to appear
  • If you get the message that there is no internet access or no internet, open, do not worry.
  • Open a browser, such as safari and search
  • Enjoy learning!


  • Meeting of the head teachers date was set to be on 17th
  • Installation  date was set to be between 26th – 28th of January 2021
  • Training of teachers date was set to be between 2nd – 4th of feb 2021
  • Students training date was set to be set between 8th – 12th of feb 2021

Comment from the participate

  • Ugandan content should also included on the system
  • Exercise where the students attempt after reading
  • Content should be grouped into levels for example O & A level
  • Accessibility to the content requires that leaner’s access the gadget

Closing remarks and departure

The training was officially concluded at 4:00pm by Mr. Bukenya George Willy-KCDO director who argued the participants to share the skills and expertise got with their fellow staff, also requested the students to share the knowledge to their fellow students for the betterment of their school so that in case they leave the school there is someone else to take over him or her, wished all the participants safe journey back.

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