Rakai Health Sciences Supports Community

We are so grateful to Rakai Health Sciences Program for their continued support of our KCDO community. This week Rakai supported 35 households with items that will enhance agricultural production of foods, both for family use and for sale at market.

Agricultural support items include spray pumps, improved maize, fertilizers, and herbicides; all of these will allow for the community to support themselves through producing maize on a commercial level.

Additional information was shared from an environmental engineer in the US. Stephen Henshaw writes, “Please read the labels thoroughly and make sure that the children are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Skin absorbs chemicals. Chemicals also go into ground water and travel from fields to other areas. Do not let children touch herbicides and fertilizers. Children should never be near bottles or mixtures with these chemicals.”

Willy responded, “Great for that technical guidance and hope the engineer can give us timely guidance to overcome environmental pollution and related long-term undesirable effects.”

Thank you SO much Rakai Health Sciences Program! The KCDO women, children and families are so grateful for your continued support, and are proud to have the opportunity to produce quality maize for commercial sales in the market.

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