Covid-19: Food and Water?

While the world is held hostage by this terrible virus, and children everywhere are told, “Just keep washing your hands!” the children of KCDO are wondering not only how to wash their hands without water, but also wondering how to get food, now that everyone is under quarantine.

The lack of running water is always a problem, but during this pandemic mothers and children are doing the best they can.

This young woman is using stockings as a mask.

One of the main difficulties that families are facing is the lack of food. Fortunately the Wonderland BookSavers Go Fund Me page funds sent to KCDO are enabling the community to purchase beans, rice and cooking oil.

This KCDO community leader is delivering sacks of food to the many villagers who are suffering starvation due to this pandemic.

Thank you so much to the many American donors who have enabled this supply of food.

Please keep remembering these children in your prayers. They are praying for you as well.

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