Tough Mudder Comes to Kyamaganda

Our reach from one continent to another continues to grow.  Today more T-shirt donations, in coordination with US-Africa Children’s Fellowship and Wonderland BookSavers reached the Kyamaganda Community Development Organization.

As Mark ( explained, “Tough Mudder is a for profit organization that runs sports competitions. Basically they set up huge obstacles courses that run for miles. Some of their events run for 24 hours. Contestants run up and down hills, climb over rope walls, splash through mud and crawl on their bellies. They run events across the United States and in England. Up to 400,000 people compete every year. They print about 450,000 T-shirts a year to make sure they have enough. Because I know one of the staff members of Tough Mudder, USACF gets all the extras.

The Kyamaganda community children are already living under extremely competitive and difficult conditions. They are the true winners of the Tough Mudder competition and should wear their T-shirts with pride. They are the real winners!

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