We are very excited that we now have a small piggery which can create economic independence, as well as supplying a sustainable food source for our community.

We built every part of our pig farm ourselves.

We poured the concrete and painted all the timber with oil to prevent wood rot.

We built a rain water catchment system so that clean water will run into a water tank and our pigs will be healthy.

This is our water tank.

We now have 22 piglets and one boar.

The women of our community are maintaining the piglets and our taking the lead in managing this business.

This is our first opportunity to create economic independence for the vulnerable families residing in Kyamaganda.

Funds for our piggery were raised by Wonderland BookSavers, Make a Splash for Uganda fundraiser.

Wonderland BookSavers decorated the envelopes. Guests were asked to donate the number of dollars depicted on the envelope. Inside each envelope was a special message, thanking the contributor.

This simple fund raiser helped change our opportunities and our lives.

If you would like to help expand our piggery, please Contact us.

How exciting to be part of building a piggery in Uganda! Contact us to be part of the magic.

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